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Troubleshooting Layers in Canva

A quick blog post to address some issues quite a few customers have encountered using the layers function in Canva such as the 'layers' option not showing up and issues with trying to add images.

Canva is a great program to use, but just like with anything else, it does have issues!

For the first issue of the layers option not even showing up the following things need to be noted:

1) If the mockup photo is the full size of the canvas then the layers option will not show up.

2) If there is only one layer on the canvas, the layers option will not show up.

3) If you drag and drop your mockup or image onto the canvas, you are creating a background, and guess what?...the layers function won't show up!

To make the whole process easier here is the tried and tested process I recommend following for using these mockups in Canva.

1) Create a new blank canvas that is the same width as your mockup but a little taller, lets go with 2100 x 1600 px.

2) Go to your uploads on the left side menu and click the mockup photo from the side to add to the canvas (this is where most people drag & drop, so make sure you don't do that!)

3) Resize the mockup to the full width of the canvas, there will be some white space at the top or bottom or both which is fine, but don't make it the full size of the canvas, as then it becomes a background, and as I've already explained...this messes with the layers option.

4) Click on your pattern/design from the left menu (again, don't drag and drop!)

5) Resize and/or rotate your design, when happy with the placement right click your design, click 'layers' and then 'send to back', or 'send backward'.

6) Now you just have to export/save as a png, and voila! you have a cute mockup of your design, ready to be uploaded to your store!

For a visual of this then the steps are shown in the below short video:

If at any time during your design process, you need to access or see what layers you have on the canvas then there are two ways you can access the layers menu panel.

1) Click where it says 'position' at the top of your canvas and this should bring up the menu.

2) Alternatively, you can use the new assistant feature and just type a forward slash followed by a command so for this it would be '/layers' and this will bring up the layers menu on the left-hand side.

I hope this clears up some of the main issues people have been facing. if at any time you need help with an order then please don't hesitate to contact me via email or the contact form.

Happy Designing!!!

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