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How to Level Up Your Mockups with Canva's New Layers Function

If you are tired of the generic vendor mockups or ones that just don't fit into your shop aesthetic then the design gods have heard your prayers! Canva has come to the rescue with its new layers function that makes mockup editing really easy.

Step 1: Pick a Mockup that Shines

The first step is to find a mockup file that has realistic light and shadow effects on the transparent layer. These special PNG mockup files are designed to make your designs look more lifelike and professional. You can find a variety of PNG mockup files with light and shadow effects on Etsy or graphic design marketplaces, including, ahem, the ones I created below that are available here.

Step 2: Upload Your Mockup

Click on the "Uploads" tab on the left-hand side, then hit the "Upload Media" button and add your mockup file from your computer.

Step 3: The Layers Function!

This is where Canva's new layers function comes in handy. With the PNG mockup image added to your canvas, you can now upload your design. Double-click it from the side panel to place your design as a new layer (rather than drag and drop as this replaces the mockup with your design) resize your design file so that it fits the transparent space and then right-click on your design layer to bring up the layer menu, and scroll down to where it says "send backward" or "send to back" and voila! your design is now displayed on the product like it was meant to be there all along!! It's now time to export your image as a JPG and upload to your Etsy shop or online store.

I create all of my mockups to be at least 2100px wide due to 2000px being the minimum size recommended for uploading to Etsy.

Canva's new layers function is a game-changer for editing PNG mockups making it so easy for you to easily customize your mockups and create designs that stand out from the crowd of other print-on-demand listings. I hope you found this helpful, and happy designing & creating!!

NB: This is all shown in visual format in the video at the top but for those who prefer written instructions, this is for you ;)

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