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Best Wood Frames To Use for Chalkboard Prints

I often get asked the best type of frame to use to frame these type of chalkboard prints. The answer is any type of frame you have! Dust off that old picture that you have always hated and repurpose the frame, or if the sign is just for a wedding or event and isn't going to be used more than once then you can just 'borrow' a frame from something you have hanging at home to display the menu, and just replace the original when you are done.

If you don't have a frame already, or you want to be able to keep your sign as a memento afterwards, or if it a gift for someone then in my opinion you can't go wrong with a simple wood frame! These are really inexpensive, so great if you are on a budget, but they look really effective matched with a chalkboard style print. I personally think they look best in either natural or dark wood frames. Again, simply going back to what real chalkboards look like, I don’t think you can go wrong with this look.

So you don't have to go and try and scroll through the options I have done the hard work for you and here is a list of the top 5 WOOD FRAMES I would recommend for framing a chalkboard print, with some options to suit different budgets.

#1 - Budget Friendly

This MC Museum Poster Frame comes in 6 different sizes with the 18x24 being around $30 and the 24x36 being just $38 which is by far the cheapest wood frame with the best reviews on Amazon. It can be hung either horizontally or vertically and also comes in 3 different colors Black, Barnwood and Medium Oak with the latter two being the ones I would recommend.

#2 - About The Look

Craig Frames Light Walnut Brown Cottage style in a light walnut brown, this frame is slightly thicker than the more budget friendly one above but I think the slightly weathered wood works really well for the overall chalkboard look. This frame only comes in 18x24 and is $40.

#3 - Most Popular & Most Reviewed

The Americanflat Poster Frame This one has almost 8,000 reviews on Amazon! It's not the cheapest at around $43 for the 18x24, but the high quality is mentioned a lot in the reviews. Again, can be hung vertically or horizontally. I think the Oak or mahogany would be the best options to go with here for a chalkboard print.

#4 - Two For The Price Of One!

Not only does the Calenzana 18x24 Poster Picture Frame look perfect for chalkboards with its rustic distressed and beveled ridged look, but this photo frame comes in a pack of two for almost the same price as just one of the frames above at $42 for two 18x24 frames. This deal definitely get's my seal of approval!!

#5 - Smaller Print Option

These Golden State Wide Molding Frames do not come larger than 11x14 inches so won't be suitable for large format prints, but I wanted to include them still as I used these for an event and I had so many people asking me where I got them I just had to share them! They can stand up vertically or horizontally and they would be perfect for a rustic wedding or event to display on the bar or table. You get two in a pack and they are less than $20 for two so you could print out two copies of your menu and display at either end of the bar. Total bargain!

I hope this information has been helpful. If you have any questions or need any advice please leave a comment below & I will be happy to help! you can contact me via the contact page on this site or via my Etsy store via messages. You can also view some of my smaller wedding and event menus available for customization in my Etsy Store, or you check out my Custom Signs page for more larger format printing examples for bars & restaurants.

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