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How to convert images to JPG or PNG easily on your mac.

There is an easy way to convert images on a Mac in seconds, without the need for any fancy software. You can set it up to convert jpg to png, png to jpg, or even .heic format your phone uses for photos (that is useless to anyone else!) so you can even bulk change the format of photos with just a few clicks right there in the finder window. Read on to find out more…….

You can set this up as a quick action via your Automator application which should already be installed on your Mac. Find it in your launchpad, or open up spotlight (cmd + space) and type “Automator” to find.

It looks like this:

Once open, select "Quick Action" from the main menu.

Select “image file” from the Workflow dropdown menu at the top.

This is a list of all the actions that you can apply.

Scroll down to ’Change Type of Images’, select it and drag into the panel to the right to add it to the workflow.

Select the format you want to change your images to, so either png or jpg.

Once you have done that from the top menu click ‘File - export’ from the main menu and export this action as ‘convert to png.workflow’ (or whatever name ending in .workflow)

Locate the action file you just created and double-click to open and click install.

Open System Settings > Privacy & Security > Extensions > Finder and make sure the "convert to jpg/png" file you just saved is checked.

Now when you are in finder, you can right-click on any image, scroll down to your quick actions and then convert a jpeg to a png or vice versa.

Bonus! This doesn’t just work if the original image is in png or jpeg format, it will pretty much convert any image format to what you have set, so you can even airdrop or use the .heic photos from your phone, select them all and then just right click and bulk convert to png.

I hope you found this post helpful. Please like or share if you have & thanks for reading!

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